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Suzhou air compressor factory direct sales, professional solutions for air compressors


Suzhou air compressor factory direct sales, professional solutions for air compressors

Suzhou Yuda Compressor Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive large-scale company integrating R&D, production, domestic sales, foreign trade and technology.The company is located in Phoenix South Korea Industrial Park, Zhangjiagang··· [More...]

 Suzhou air compressor factory direct sales, professional solutions for air compressors

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Variable-Frequency Screw Air Compressor

Every omdel has a corresponding frequency conversion compressor , which controls the air flow by changing the rotational speed of motor, making the air output and electricity consumption smoothly vary synchronously with the different air flow.When the air use quantity falls, the air supply decreases and then the electricity consumption for energy conservation, for capacity ranging from 2 to 60m3/min and discharge pressure from 0.5 to 1.3MPA,There are correspoonding models available to customers with different requirements.

Combined Screw Air Compressor

With the best Diesel Engline has reasonably adjust the air delivery and power,wich can meet the requirements of heavy duty use and most harsh field application environment, and treatly reduce fuel consumption and the operation cost. Beautiful appearance, reliable performance and excellent economy.

Low Pressure Screw Air Compressor

Features of the unit: 1. The energy-saving effect is obvious: the exhaust pressure of the unit is 3BAR-5BAR. Compared with the compressor of 7-8BAR, the energy saving electricity cost is about 30%, so your operating cost will be greatly reduced, and low carbon The purpose of reducing emissions. 2. Superior performance: Most of the components are produced by the company, and the oil sub-barrel and oil sub-core are specially configured, using super-cooled lubricating oil. 3. Convenient on-site installation: All components are equipped in the unit, and no additional on-site installation is required, and it can be put into use immediately. Model

YDT Series Screw Oil-free Piston Booster Compressor

Medium pressure air (2.5-4.0MPa) Expert in technical solutions, widely used in the PET bottle blowing industry.

YDT-2S Series Two-stage Screw Oil-free Piston Booster Compressor

High-efficiency energy-saving two-stage compression hostYuda's two-stage screw compressor is a high-efficiency compressor. It can obtain the most ideal compression efficiency by decomposing the compression process into two compression processes. The entire compression process is closer to isothermal compression. Compared with single-stage screw compression, it can achieve 10%-15% screw compression energy saving effect.

Medium and high pressure oil WH0.65-1.1/35-70

Number Model Air capacitym³/min Exhaust pressureMpa PowerKW Dimensionmm WeightKg1WH-1.1/351.13.5151420*840*8404702WH-1.0/551.05.5151420*840*8404703WH-0.9/700.97.0151420*840*8404704WH-0.65/600.656.0111420*840*8404505WH-1.0/401.04.0111420*840*840450

High Pressure Air Tank

1. Energy storage (required from time to time)
2. Stable air pressure
3. Relieve the impact of pulses on gas equipment
4. Water, oil pollution, dust in the precipitation air
5. Improve the continuous and Stability
6. Reduce the frequent startup of the compressor and extend the life of the compressor.

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